After sales service is the most important part of after-sales service. After sales service has become an important element for enterprises to maintain or expand market share (such as Shuda, tmall, JD, etc.). The quality of after-sales service can affect consumers’ satisfaction. At the time of purchase, the warranty, after-sales service and other relevant provisions of the goods can enable customers to get rid of their doubts and vacillations and make up their minds to purchase the goods. High quality after-sales service can be regarded as the product of brand economy. In a society with fierce market competition, with the improvement of consumers’ awareness of safeguarding their rights and the change of their consumption concept, consumers no longer only pay attention to the product itself. When the quality and performance of similar products are similar, they are more willing to choose these companies with high-quality after-sales service.
Objectively speaking, high-quality after-sales service is the product of brand economy, and the after-sales service of famous brand products is often better than that of non brand products. The price of famous brand products is generally higher than that of other brands. On the one hand, it is based on the product cost and quality, and on the other hand, the after-sales service cost has been taken into account in the sales strategy of famous brand products.

Service A

Listen patiently to what customers say from beginning to end. If people hear the other person repeat the topic, they inevitably want to stop the other person, so they say “I know” and don’t want the other person to go on. But please listen to these repeated words patiently as an important part.

In the process of talking with customers or understanding and discussing countermeasures, you should listen carefully to find out the real intention of customers and see what their dissatisfaction or complaints are. If the customer you meet may not express very well, or he may stutter in his speech, but you must be patient to let the customer speak out his problems and hear the truth. It’s important to say something that you can’t or dare not say.

Service B

As a requirement put forward by customers, the quality of after-sales service provided by manufacturers or businesses will be in direct proportion to customer satisfaction. The after-sales service is well done. If the customer’s requirements can be met, the customer’s satisfaction will naturally continue to improve; On the contrary, if the after-sales service is not well done or not done, customer satisfaction will be reduced, or even extreme dissatisfaction will occur.

After customers are satisfied, they usually continue to buy products they are satisfied with, and carry out positive communication through word-of-mouth publicity, which plays a strong and powerful role in improving the market share of products and brand reputation. If the customer is dissatisfied with the service, the empirical research results show that 96% of the consumers will not complain about the poor service, but 90% of the dissatisfied consumers will not buy the company’s products and services, or tell at least 9 other people about their experience, and 13% of the consumers who have had dissatisfied experience will tell more than 20 people about their experience.

Service C

After the customer purchased the product, problems occurred in the use process, resulting in the product can not be used normally. Customers will complain about their dissatisfaction with the product through various channels (telephone, email, letters and visits, etc.). No matter which channel the customer complains through, always remember not to argue, listen patiently, sort out the customer’s problems, and then express your views at the appropriate time.

Dare to admit mistakes

Never lose your temper with your customers. Learn to control your emotions and be a high EQ salesperson. The customer may be angry, but you must accept it patiently. Don’t make excessive excuses. Just admit your mistake. Respect for customers is a necessary quality for a competent salesperson. Even if you know the customer’s misunderstanding or are scolded by the customer for no reason, you should still listen to the customer quietly. Sometimes when you listen patiently, the customer’s anger will disappear and the customer’s dissatisfaction will be solved unconsciously. Many people are anxious to find an excuse to deal with customers before they express their dissatisfaction. If you explain again and again, customers will have an emotional aversion. Once his dissatisfaction is serious, it will take more customers away.

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